The Cachito

To the venezuelan, the Cachito means tradition, and identity.

Cachitos on a baking tray

Cachitos, hot out of the oven

Cachitos, hot out of the oven

The Cachito is a typical venezuelan bread, that is characterized by the slight sweetness of its dough and by its traditional filling of shredded ham and/or cheese, prior to being baked. The Royal Spanish Academy defines the Cachito as a “small horn- or crescent-shaped savoury bread filled with ham or cheese”, however, in the interest of showing its versatility, we have created a variety of flavours that make the Cachitos a well-received treat for whatever palate that tries it.

Its practical shape makes it easy to eat on-the-go, it doesn’t require a specific temperature for consumption and its taste is quite simply innovative and delicious, evoking an aroma of freshness when eaten.


Which one would you like today?

The traditional
Ham cachito Cheese cachito CHEESE
Latino style
With bacon and cheddar cheese
Egg, bacon and cheese cachito Chicken cachito CHICKEN
With ricotta and parmesan
With ricotta and parmesan
Spinach cachito Ham and cheese cachito JAMÓN y QUESO
The Bestseller
The nutritious
Beef cachito Turkey and cream cheese cachito TURKEY
With cream cheese
With cream cheese and capers
Salmon and cream cheese cachito Chorixo cachito CHORIZO
Spanish sausage
With white cheese
Guava and cheese cachito Chocolate and praline cachito CHOCOLATE
With praline