Marianne Ferrer,
official Cachitos illustrator

Showing an innate talent from the tender age of 3, Marianne has dedicated her life to illustration, exploring different mediums and techniques that have evolved and matured along her life. Her professional studies include a DEC in Illustration & Graphic Design from Dawson College and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Graphic Design and Illustration at UQAM. Her personal style is contemporary, with a sweet air of naivety that reflects the gentleness of her spirit and her love of nature, as well as her affinity for innocence in an often too cruel and complicated world. The illustrations she has created for Cachitos express the raison-d’être of our bakery.

Cachitos to eat well

Cachitos para llevar

Cachitos to share

Cachitos para compartir

Cachitos to take-away

Cachitos para llevar

Cachitos for breakfast or dinner

Cachitos para llevar

Cachitos sweet or savoury

Cachitos para llevar

Cachitos in many varieties

Cachitos para llevar


Our offices have also been similarly decorated with a black and white North American forest. Marianne, with a marker in hand and an infinite universe in her mind, free-handed this forest in her particular style to gift us with an escape from the hard labours of the day. The work-day-warriors rest in a hammock where we can dream amidst the trees and animals, freeing the spirit and dreaming with a special universe that she invites us into.

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